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I designed, coded and recently launched this website for the wonderful R.D. Chin. Mr. Chin is a feng shui architect based in New York City. You can visit his site here. In his book, Feng Shui Revealed, Mr. Chin describes the principle of ch’i, which is said to be a “universal force or cosmic breath that all things are thought to possess”. He goes on to tell his readers about the imbalances that can occur when ch’i moves too quickly or too slowly through a space. Feng Shui is said to be a process of “ch’i management”, which includes the balancing of the principles of yin and yang. The design for the Home page of Mr. Chin’s site (see the first of the three thumbnail images above) unfolded as a sequence of twelve visual relationships, as shown below.

If I can resist the temptation to put things into words, is there a certain physical experience that’s felt when I look at each of the twelve arrangements below?

01 two circles meet


02 opposition and union


03 feng shui ba gua and the 8 directions of space


04 window


05 two circles meet


06 the body


07 octagonal child with small window above


08 octagonal child


09 mothers arms


10 mothers embrace


11 the Suns rays


12 horizon


Here are some larger views of the web pages:



1The feng shui practicioner makes use of an octagonal “map” known as the bagua. Perhaps this relates to Bada Shanren’s reference to the points of a compass, that “symbolize the eight directions of space which each painter worthy of the title must be capable of opening up with a single brushstroke.” You can read more about this idea in the Sea of Ink, by Richard Weihe (Translated by Jamie Bulloch).

3 thoughts on “A Story for a Feng Shui Website

  1. Annie Finch

    This is inspiring! Bringing feng shui to the web makes complete sense, since we spend so much time there and feel it as virtual “space.” I’m encouraged for the future by this beautiful example of healthy online ch’i.

  2. nfolds5_blogalex Post author

    Thanks Annie.

    This was a perfect project to apply a lot of the ideas that I write about in my blog.

    Mr. Chin provided me with some great photographs, and it was a lot of fun looking for subtle ways to integrate these photos with the larger composition of the overall web page layout.

    I love your poems, and am very intrigued the poetry and architecture collaboration that you curated a few years ago.

  3. RD Chin

    Hi Alex, Thank you so much for sharing the design philosophy in creating my beautiful website! I will share this blog on my FB page;-) warm blessings, RD


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