Monthly Archives: May 2017

Expression Through Typographic Hierarchy

While browsing through Pinterest today, I typed in the words “typography”, “hierarchy” and “expression”. After about five minutes of scrolling through the image results I stopped at one particular image that stood out to me as a wonderful expression of harmony. I took a screenshot of this image — a poster for an Avett Brothers performance — and tested its proportions to see if they happened to correspond with the Golden Ratio. It was satisfying to find that the pattern of red birds in this poster does indeed grow out of this 1 to 1.618 ratio. Scroll down to see the original Pinterest image, and my geometric study with Golden Ratio Rectangles.

This correspondence between my felt sense of harmony and the presence of the Golden Rectangles encourages me to continue my work on designing a set of device-responsive layouts for a website theme that uses this ratio as its underlying compositional tool. The goals for this theme have been, first, to relate the different typographic headings, body copy, and web page margins in patterns that are based on this ratio, and, second, to end up with a set of web pages that can also serve as an expression of harmony.