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Better Visual Design Means Better Business (Part 2)

headerImage 2016 01 01 new

In the previous post I provided a couple of pictures to show how a careful attention to the grouping of, and spacing between, typographic areas can help clarify a business’s drink menu.

In this post, I’m including an illustration of how the design of the menu can be taken one step further.

Beyond merely grouping and separating typographic elements, I used a set of interdependent golden-ratio spirals to help visually unify all of the diverse parts of the menu. The illustration below is a sort of “x-ray” of the layout from the previous post. In much the same way that a well-tuned stringed instrument is necessary for creating various musical harmonies, a carefully-proportioned set of figure/ground areas are needed to create visual harmonies.

illustration 2016 01 01 new